September 13, 2019

Have YOU checked the Top Drawer?

By Michael Davis
Have YOU checked the Top Drawer? - Some Ink Nice
Well.  Continuing the theme of Trade Shows Being Excellent, this week marked my first time at Top Drawer as an exhibitor.
Spoiler alert.  It, too, was excellent.
Quite a few people had said to me that the September one is nowhere near as busy as the January one.
Which may be true.  Having nothing to compare it against, that may well be the case.
I can't do the show next January, or Spring Fair in February, so when I was offered a small stand this September, for a reasonable price, I figured why not?
Good move.
Because I had a fully lovely time.
It seemed like they'd made the main floor area smaller than before.  Usually the card area is tucked in the back, where it's a bit darker.  Maybe it'll stay like that for January, but my stand was nicely floodlit by natural light from this amazing roof.  Which was nice.
No, there's not the endless (& free) tea trolley that does a constant loop like at PG.  Nor is there the free lunch.
But just like at PG, I got to spend a handful of days in the company of some Excellent People.
Rosie (Harrison / ... Made A Thing) was on the stand opposite, and Frankie (of You've Got Pen On Your Face - even though she refused to put pen on her face, thereby missing a massive own goal, conversation-starter-wise) was next door.  Both of whom are incredibly warm and friendly and a mine of helpful advice.
Amongst many other talented publishers, of course.
It was also a delight to meet so many existing and new shopmates in person.  It's a reminder that this is a brilliant industry to be in, and hopefully be more involved with.
Yes, the buildup in the week before was a little stressful, trying to get everything ready in time.
And yes, a jalapeno toastie is a strange thing, I've learnt.  And who puts a full, hard boiled egg in a club sandwich?
But other than that, if that is what counts as going to work, then lucky, lucky me.

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