About Us

Your friends & family are precious. Keep them close. Give them Some Ink Nice.
Hello! We make fine art greetings cards & wall art. Our aim is to create small, meaningful gifts that can last a lifetime.
I've been drawing & making birthday cards for as long as I can remember.
I began Some Ink Nice, though, inspired by something in the speech my best man gave at our wedding.
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As is the tradition, he was doing his best to gently humiliate me in front of all our closest family & friends.
Then he said:
“I was moving house recently and found a box of old cards. Looking through them, I realised that Mike has not once missed one of my birthdays.”
Now, being British, and men, we ordinarily try & suppress any hint of emotion.  Especially in public.  It's just... awkward.  But this was the one point his composure cracked a little. And the sentiment struck a chord.
(I don't bring this up to prove how great I am. It's not like I gave him a kidney or anything).
Sending cards is a simple, everyday gesture.  But over time, these gestures count.
Text messages, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook.  All great ways to keep in touch.
But what are the chances you'll look through those messages in 10 years' time?
Give a card. One that will last. It can help keep important relationships alive when you can't be there in person.
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Our cards and prints are designed to be clean, crisp and beautiful.
Reassuringly thick & heavy, they feel luxurious and durable, so they'll last safely in your friend's drawer for a decade, waiting to be found again.
They're slogan-free and versatile - suitable for any age and any occasion – while still feeling like you've put some thought into it.
Some Ink Nice is built on the idea of giving small, meaningful gestures. 
Gestures really do count.
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