Yes - although I am really quite busy at the moment, so do check in with me first if it's needed in a matter of weeks.


You can have your favourite pet recreated into your very own, hand-painted Some Ink Nice artwork.

A perfect gift for someone who is crazy about a particular animal. 

Or that friend, family member or colleague who's impossible to buy for.  And you'd know, because you've browsed through roughly 1,000,000 possible presents.

The process is pretty simple:


1) Have a quick read of the guide below, (and to speed things up, also this guide for choosing a photo here - Guide)

2) Ping me an email, saying hello.  Ideally with a photo, or selection of photos attached.

3) I'll say hello back at you, and if all's well, get painting.

4) I send you a watermarked preview image, so you can see how it's turned out and be reassured that you're happy with your investment.

5) You pay for him / her / it.

6) I send you the painting, all safely tucked up in a protective sleeve & rigid packaging.



£350 for A4 size original - (approx 8x12 inch / 20 x 30 cm)

£475 for A3 size original - (approx 12x17 inch / 30 x 42 cm)


These prices are for the original unframed, unmounted painting on smooth, heavy-duty watercolour paper.

With a white, unpainted background.  See the bit about colours below if you'd like a colour background.

Provided in a clear sleeve with a backing board, for protection.

Why not mounted and framed, you may ask?

Well, because in my experience, people often have a personal taste when it comes to framing.  They like to have it match the decor of their home.

Also, it increases the postage cost considerably.

(Postage cost within the UK is included in the price.  Postage overseas will be an extra £10)

If you'd like it framed, I can recommend a place for custom framing options and help you with that.

For having enhanced colour prints made, these are available as an extra service for £45 for the first A4 copy, and £5 for each additional print when bought at the same time (they're printed professionally).

See the section below on colours.




Current timescale, once we've found a suitable picture, is about three weeks.  Though if it's urgent, definitely contact me first.



Once your painting is complete, I'll email you a preview copy so you can see how it's turned out, along with an invoice for the balance.

As soon as you've made payment, I'll post your finished painting out to you.

(In a protective, rigid envelope if A4, and rolled inside a sturdy tube, if A3)


Colours, Screens and Fading Inks - IMPORTANT:

Two points you should be aware of before ordering a commission:

1 - All computer monitors, iPads, phone screens etc look slightly different.  The colours and contrast and everything vary.  I calibrate my computer monitor, and I'll do my best to reflect how the painting looks in real life, in the digital preview image.  However, there may be some variation, which is impossible for me to compensate for, without seeing how you're seeing it.

2 - Inks are generally better than watercolour for retaining colour (in my experience).  However, the richness and vibrancy of the colours do fade as the ink dries.  When I scan my paintings in, I can boost the contrast and colours back to how they're originally intended, and physically looked when they were first painted.


By sending you the original painting, I can't do this re-enhancing bit that you see on my cards, prints and on-screen.

This means that the colours might not be as rich and vibrant in the original as you might expect.  Or as other images of mine that you've seen online may appear.

For example, here's a scanned original with minimal touch-up (scanning it shines a very bright light on it, so it's purely to bring the shadows back to reality) vs an enhanced image for printing:

I'm afraid I'm unable to offer refunds or compensation, because these paintings take several hours to do.  They can't be resold, either, because (until I become mega-famous) their value is largely an emotional one, what with it being your pet and everything.

So I would ask that you bear this No Refunds bit in mind before ordering.  I'm sure you'll be very happy with it, but just to be clear from the outset.

As mentioned above, I offer this scanning, enhancement and print services as an optional extra:

£45 for retouching & first print,

£5 for each additional print.

£5 postage (if buying separately / at a later date to me sending the original)

Extra new service-type thing - 

If you'd like a print with a colour background (like our new/current range), this can be arranged as well. 

As it's a more intricate digital cutting out process, cost is instead:

£75 for retouching & first print.


Your Photo:

I've put together a handy guide for supplying me with an excellent photo.

It's here.

Chances are, you have a very specific pet in mind, so this won't apply, but:

Please bear in mind that I only paint using reference photos with permission from the person that took the photo.

Or, to put it more simply, I don't use photos just grabbed off the internet.

So let's say you wanted a painting of a penguin, and found this excellent photo:

(© David Merron/Getty)

Which is on the first page of Google Images.

I would politely decline to paint that, because that image is actually the owned by David Merron and licensed via Getty to the BBC.

Some people might not be fussed by this, but to me, that's that photographer's livelihood.

As someone who produces images for a living, I respect those boundaries.

Anyway, the point I'm making is, please don't be offended if I decline your desired photo on these grounds.

If you have your heart set on something, but have no photo, don't worry.  Let me know and I'll see what I can do or suggest.



One last point on the topic.

Once painted, you will own the final painting, but I will retain the copyright for the image of it.

Don't worry, this can be confusing, but it's standard practice.

Essentially, you will own the physical thing, but not the legal right to reproduce it (you know, to print it on cards or tshirts etc etc).

Just like me painting David's penguin up there, that would be a copyright violation.

Very, very unlikely to be an issue.  But good to point out, from the start.



Now that those fun and games are sorted, GET IN TOUCH if you'd like Some Ink Nice.