Rosie The Cocker Spaniel Card

Rosie The Cocker Spaniel Card

Some Ink Nice


Rosie The Cocker Spaniel Greetings Card

The answer to the question, what's black and white and cute all over?
  • A6 size. Measures approx 6x4 inches. Fits nicely into a standard photo frame.
  • Heavyweight 350gsm card stock, giving a reassuring, substantial feel.
  • Comes with an eco flecked, brown kraft envelope.
  • Printed according to sustainable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.
  • Unlaminated card surface. Gives an understated, tactile finish that's smoother and easier to write on than textured cards.
  • Blank inside, suitable for any occasion. Perfect for keeping a stock in the cupboard for last minute emergencies.

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